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Myers Park HOSA
HOSA Facts and Information
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HOSA Facts and Information
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Colors of the Emblem
  • Background of outer circle: maroon
  • Letters in circle: medical white
  • triangle: navy blue
  • Hands, figure, HOSA in triangle: medical white
  • Area around Triangle: medical white
  • Founded in 1976: navy blue

Colors of HOSA
  • Navy blue represent loyalty to the health care profession
  • Medical white represents purity of purpose
  • Maroon represents compassion of HOSA members

The HOSA Motto
The HOSA Motto was adopted by the delegate assembly at the first HOSA National Leadership Conference in April in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The original motto, as adopted by the delegate assembly in 1978, was "The Hand of Youth Mold the Health of Tomorrow." This was presented by the Florida State Association of HOSA.  In recognition of post-secondary student members, the world "youth" was changed to "HOSA" in 1979 at the second HOSA National Leadership Conference in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.


Goals of HOSA
  1. To insure the expansion of knowledge regarding the health industry and its occupations.
  2. To afford the recognition of competencies through the demonstration of skills
  3. To nurture a commitment to professional organizations
  4. To afford opportunities for leadership development
  5. To insure the democratic process
  6. To encourage the unity of membership and fellowship
Myers Park HOSA
Myers Park High School
2400 Colony Road
Charlotte, NC 28209