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HOSA activites are integrated into the curriculum to provide students with the ability to:
  • set goals for life long planning
  • be flexible for inevitable career change
  • manage basic survival skills
  • lead by using democratic processes
  • build self-esteem
  • raise their level of social intelligence
  • take pride in accomplishment
  • develop enthusiasm and maintain motivation
  • accept the spirit of competitiveness as a way of life on the job and in the world about them
  • communicate more effectively
  • help others with no regard for recognition other than the satisfaction from helping those in need

HOSA extends the scope of Health Occupations Education into the community.  When students participate in HOSA activities as a group in the community, there is an involvement and cooperation of sharing responsibilities and a commitment of family, school, and community in current health care issues.  HOSA activities provide health occupations students with visibility and develop a positive relationship with health care providers and the professional staff.


Myers Park HOSA
Myers Park High School
2400 Colony Road
Charlotte, NC 28209