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2004-2005 HOSA Council
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It is the responsibility of the Chapter President to appoint committees as need to carry out the goals of the HOSA Chapter.  Sharing responsibility helps to:
  1. Focus attention on specific tasks
  2. Share the time commitment and successes of the HOSA Chapter
  3. Give leadership responsibilities to more chapter members
  4. Allow the president and vice-president to focus on their roles

Executive Council - Consists of all chapter officers and the chapter advisor

Community Service - Proposes and coordinates all community service

Membership - Promotes chapter growth by informing prospective members of the benefits of HOSA.  Assures that all students enrolled in HOE have the opportunity to become active members of HOSA.

Newsletter - Communicates with chapter members and HOSA officers at the State and National levels through a chapter newsletter. Submits articles about chapter activities to local newspapers.

Program - Plans exciting and informational HOSA chapter meetings.  Hosts guests at chapter meetings.


Duties of the President
  • Presides over and conducts meetings according to chapter rules
  • Takes leadership role in working with other chapter officers
  • Coordinates activities with chapter advisor
  • Keeps chapter meeting and activities on task
  • Appoints committees and serves as an ex-Officio member

Duties of the Vice President

  • Assists the president in all leadership functions
  • Presides over chapter activities in the absence of the president
  • Assumes the office of president should it be vacated
  • Coordinates all community work

Duties of the Committee Chairpersons

  • Presides over and conducts meeting of committee
  • Takes leadership role in working with other committee members
  • Coordinates committee meetings and activities with chapter advisor
  • Reports committee progress and motions at chapter meetings
Duties of the Secretary
  • Prepares and reads the minutes of meetings
  • Helps develop meeting agendas with the president
  • Keeps the roll at all chapter meetings
  • Prepares all chapter written documents and reports
  • Works with the treasurer in keeping the membership list and distributing chapter membership cards

Duties of the Treasurer

  • Keeps an account of all chapter funds
  • Collects all state and national HOSA dues
  • Keeps membership records in coordination with the secretary
  • Keeps financial records neat and accurate
  • Encourages efficient management of chapter funds
  • Assists in preparing the chapter budget
  • Assists in the payment of chapter bills
  • Serves on the fundraising committee

Duties of the Reporter

  • Keeps written records of chapter successes and outstanding achievement by chapter members
  • Gathers and classifies chapter news
  • Serves as the chapter photographer
  • Contacts local media to inform them of exceptional chapter activities
  • Submits articles of chapter activities to local newspaper
  • Submits articles of chapter activities to the state and national HOSA office
  • Coordinates the publication of a chapter newsletter
  • Submits chapter newsletter in the National HOSA Chapter Newsletter event

Duties of the Historian

  • Maintains a history of local HOSA chapter activites throughout the year
  • Compiles the local chapter's Outstanding HOSA Chapter book
  • Presents the Outstanding HOSA Chapter book at the State/National Conference

Duties of the Parliamentarian

  • Becomes knowledgeable about basic parliamentary procedure
  • Brings a copy of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, to all chapter meetings
  • Advises chapter members about the use of parliamentary procedure
  • Conducts workshops for chapter members upon request