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2004-2005 MPHS HOSA Members

*The more members put into an organization, the more they get out of an organization. HOSA members in good standing must attend a MINIMUM of 50% of all club related activites and participate in all fundraisers (officers must attend 75%).

*All officers and committee chairpersons are expected to have their reports ready and presented to the advisor for collaboration one week before the scheduled meetings.

Responsibilities of a HOSA Member

In being a member of a HOSA Chapter, each student has numerous responsibilities, including to:

  • Become familiar with and knowledgeable about HOSA;
    Attend and actively participate in all Chapter meeting and activities;
  • Volunteer services and talents to the benefit of the HOSA Chapter;
  • Accept responsibility, leading and/or following as many be necessary in various Chapter activities;
  • Represent HOSA in a positive manner, projecting a good image to the school and community;
  • Communicate effectively with other team members;
  • Take full advantage of the opportunities offered by all levels of HOSA; 
  • Promote HOSA to the school and community
Myers Park HOSA
Myers Park High School
2400 Colony Road
Charlotte, NC 28209